Enhanced Warehouse Management System

Designed to elevate your retail operations, our WMS boasts an impressive 99.98% accuracy rate as reported by our customers, proven through rigorous battle-testing.


Real-time Sellable Inventory Sync

One of the standout features of Unity’s WMS is the real-time synchronization of sellable inventory. As soon as products are put away, the system updates inventory levels instantaneously, providing retailers with up-to-the-minute visibility into their stock.


Flexible Picking Techniques

Unity’s WMS offers flexibility in picking techniques to accommodate diverse warehouse environments. Cluster picking allows simultaneous sorting while picking, while bulk picking prioritizes picking first and sorting later, catering to different operational preferences.


Order Processing Strategies:

The WMS incorporates advanced order processing strategies, including revenue-biased processing, order aging based on FIFO (First In, First Out), and considerations for various parameters such as payment method, destination, and product mix.

Picker Mobile App

The Picker Mobile App empowers pickers gain the ability to handle all tasks efficiently, from automatic pick list assignment to real-time task updates. A significant leap towards sustainability, the app facilitates a paperless warehouse environment, reducing environmental impact and streamlining operations. Featuring a user-friendly interface and integrated barcode scanning, the Picker Mobile App enhances accuracy and ensures that the right products are chosen with precision. 


Picking Route Optimization

To further enhance efficiency, the WMS optimizes picking routes, reducing travel time and maximizing productivity. This feature is a game-changer for warehouses seeking to streamline their operations.


Integrated Shipping Engine and Sales Posting

Unity’s WMS seamlessly integrates with the shipping engine, allowing for the automatic generation of shipping labels and sales posting at the packing desk. This integration enhances speed and accuracy in the order fulfillment process.


Custom ERP Integration

Unity’s WMS understands the importance of collaboration between different systems. With custom ERP integration capabilities, it effortlessly syncs with popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like GTECH, ODOO, and D365.

Controlled Stock Receiving

Efficient warehouse management starts with controlled stock receiving. Unity’s WMS enables businesses to manage incoming inventory with precision, segregating sellable and unsellable items and distinguishing between processing and bulk storage.


Warehouse Floor Planning for High Throughput

Optimizing warehouse space is crucial for high throughput. Unity’s WMS assists businesses in strategically planning their warehouse floors, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of goods.


Return Inventory Management

The WMS doesn’t stop at order fulfillment; it also provides robust capabilities for managing return inventory. This feature simplifies the often complex process of handling returned goods, enhancing overall reverse logistics.

Unity Retail Platform’s Warehouse Management System is a game-changing solution for retailers looking to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. With its unparalleled accuracy, real-time synchronization, flexible picking techniques, and comprehensive order processing strategies, Unity’s WMS is a catalyst for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. As the retail industry continues to evolve, Unity remains at the forefront, empowering businesses with innovative solutions that redefine the future of warehouse management.

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