Omni-channel Fulfillment Engine

Revolutionizing retail fulfillment, Unity Retail’s Omni-Channel Engine strategically utilizes retail shops for order fulfillment, ensuring optimal customer proximity and distributed load. This not only results in faster lead times for an exceptional customer experience but also significantly reduces last-mile shipping costs. Welcome to the future of efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric fulfillment.


Inventory & Proximity-Based Allocation

Maximizing efficiency in inventory management is crucial. Our engine combines inventory and proximity-based allocation, intelligently assigning stock based on both availability and location. This dual approach optimizes the allocation process, reducing delivery times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Location Assignment as Per Courier Delivery Network

For businesses, time is of the essence. Our engine takes a novel approach by considering the courier delivery network rather than mere geographical distances. This ensures that your products are assigned to locations aligned with efficient courier networks, guaranteeing swift and reliable deliveries.


Proximity Based on Geographical Distance

Geography matters, especially in the last-mile delivery race. Our engine leverages the geographical distance between locations for strategic distribution, optimizing the proximity-based allocation of products and ensuring faster order fulfillment.

OMS Load Balancing Across Retail Shops

Efficient resource utilization is a key factor in a successful fulfillment strategy. Unity Retail’s engine ensures optimal load balancing across various retail outlets, preventing overburdening of specific locations and promoting a balanced distribution of orders.


Controlling The Number Of Split Fulfillment Orders

Precision control is at your fingertips with our engine. Dictate the level of order splitting based on your business goals and operational capacity. This feature allows you to balance customization with efficiency, optimizing the fulfillment process for your unique needs.

Rule-based Overrides Orders

Tailor the system to your specific
requirements with rule-based overrides. Unity Retail’s engine allows for customization based on your business rules, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to changing circumstances and unique operational preferences.


Prioritize Locations Over Others

Strategic prioritization is a hallmark of our engine. Prioritize certain locations over others based on specific criteria, ensuring that your most critical locations receive the attention they deserve, thus optimizing the overall order fulfillment process.



Streamline your fulfillment operations with consolidation bias. This feature allows for the efficient consolidation of orders, reducing operational costs and creating a more sustainable and cost-effective order processing system.

Unity Retail’s Omni-Channel Fulfillment Engine is a paradigm shift in retail logistics. With features that prioritize efficiency, customization, and strategic distribution, businesses can now elevate their fulfillment strategies to new heights. Ready to revolutionize your fulfillment process? Contact us for a personalized demonstration and embark on a journey towards a more efficient, customer-centric, and future-ready order fulfillment experience.