Frequently Asked Questions

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Unity Retail is a web-based software that simplifies e-commerce fulfillment for online sellers that includes features such as automated order confirmation, shipment booking and tracking, and COD reconciliation across multiple courier services

Unity Retail is not a courier, and therefore does not offer shipping services directly. However, Unity Retail offers Universal Courier Accounts, which makes it really easy for sellers to start shipping as they don’t need to go through the courier account opening process themselves. All that needs to be done is sign up on our platform and update the seller’s billing profile completely and apply for courier accounts.

When booking a shipment using universal accounts, you shipping credits will be deducted based on the estimated shipping charges as well as platform charges.

Yes, you can use your own courier accounts. You will not be able to leverage the cost savings universal accounts offer, but can still benefit from the rest of our automations from confirmation, to booking and tracking, and COD reconciliation as well as reports.

Yes, Unity Retail provides managed fulfillment services. Through the managed fulfillment service, we store your products in our warehouse, and whenever an order comes in, Unity Retail takes care of the process of picking, packing and dispatching with courier.

We have two different payment options:
– Pay as you go – This is where you pay for every shipment that you process. This requires topping up your shipping credits wallet before being able to process shipments. This gives you maximum flexibility, but might end up being expensive compared to Pay Monthly packages.
– Pay Monthly – Sellers can choose to pay for a minimum shipment volume on a monthly basis. This makes it really easy for sellers to budget their costs. However, in case the shipment volume is exceeded for any month, the extra shipments would be charged on a per shipment basis determined by the type of package you opted for.

When shipping through a Universal Account, the charges include cost of shipping, software as well as all applicable taxes. What you see is what you will be charged, without any hidden charges. However, shipping through Universal Account requires balance in the shipping credits wallet.

3rd party system integrations like POS, ERP and other systems can be done for customers who have opted for the Enterprise package.